Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What's it like to work in O&B?

To be honest, I find it fun to work in O&B.:) I get to do all sorts of things like designing web sites, managing small projects, getting assigned to work with clients and so on.  I get to learn various aspects of the IT industry and as such, I get an idea of how important each of us is.  From our admin staff, to our developers, my fellow business analysts and our graphics designer.  And interns. Life is even more interesting with the interns around because from time to time we encounter questions from them that really challenge us to remember some of the things we already know but don't always use, or it stretches our skills as mentors because we have to say things in such a way that they would understand us.

Sometimes it may seem that we have a lot of work but everyone tries to make it more fun.  People don't really stay in the office late for the sake of overtime.  There are those who linger just because it's nice to have dinner together.  That or there's some impromptu brainstorming.   And we have sofa beds!  We could take naps when we're tired or really sleepy.  And it's better for our productivity too.  Especially for people who go on a streak of coding or analysis then suddenly feel the need to nap after it.  And when there's a lot of things to be done, people find ways to distribute the workload and it's really great.  We get to interact some more and we learn new things about ourselves, what we're capable of, what we have to improve and how we could help each other grow.  Another great thing is that Calen, Butch and Chelle all encourage us to enhance our personalities aside from our skills.  So we're not just focused on work. That's something that I love about working in O&B.

I guess I've become more reflective on this tonight than the other nights I've stayed up late.  Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that it's December already, year-end thoughts and all. :D

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