Thursday, December 06, 2007

Microsoft on the XO laptop? Whaddaheck?

Read a blog entry that Microsoft will try to make sure that Windows XP will run on the XO laptop.

Some of these users may also find that they can influence the development of software in several ways:

  • By using what suits their needs instead of using what is given to them;
  • By demanding more features, performance, and cultural/language support byactually interacting with an accessible developer community;
  • By actively contributing to development efforts (through documentation, localization, advocacy, etc.).

The bottom line is that free software will help poor people realize that technology empowers them. They become more than individuals in lucrative markets. They become agents of progress and change.

I agree with the blog's sentiments.  Seriously, the entire project will be defeated if they'd have Windows XP running on those laptops.  Is Microsoft desperate or what? Whatever~!

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Manny said...

Is Micro$oft desperate? Well, Vista is a disaster, so maybe Micro$oft just wants to make a buck from whoever it can hook -- including the poor.


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