Sunday, December 09, 2007

Links on User Interface Design that are worth bookmarking

On designing forms:

On user interface:

From the Man in Blue, he gives an idea of what those particular form designs have better over each other.  Now the difficult thing is to prioritize particular things: Have the users scroll less by making all the fields there?  Or present the fields in different columns but it may  not really look so appealing but it's not so bas really?

But I agree with the need for "chunking" various fields together.  It's easier to contextualize the data especially when entering the data and trying to remember them or when looking for them.  It's more organized that way.

As for the essays in the book Getting Real (by 37 Signals) I am seeing that they also think that designing the user interface is important and there's a need for designers to keep it simple.  The entire deal about user experience is that we'd want users to come back to the site and use the app.

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