Monday, December 10, 2007

Evenings at the park with the O&B people

We've been going to the park more often these days. Owie loves jogging and playing badminton.  Chelle likes walking.  Martin also plays badminton with Owie and I think that they're really having a lot of fun. :)  Often enough, JM and I go to the park and do poi practice. He's good at weaves ( while I am totally hitting myself.  The nice thing about being there in the park is that we get to do fun things together which are not related to work.  Not in any way. :)  Even Butch joins us and he's learning poi faster than I ever did. :)  He could do somehow do the butterfly and corkscrew moves.  Soon, Owie will pick up how the butterfly works.  Next time, maybe we could all make weaves! Hahaha.

As for badminton, I'd probably try to join them one time, when I am not so traumatized with my badminton PE class anymore :D  Well, this and Wii nights make it easy for us to have more bonding sessions. :)

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