Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The people who make the workplace fun

Sometimes work becomes more bearable when you are with people who create a great environment.  Sometimes work could be hellish and being with people who are fun-loving makes it easier.  And bringing such a spirit into your workplace is good, however there are times when you are are bound by constraints of the building/facility you are working in, especially if you're a boisterous group. Nevertheless, a bunch of people who could smile and laugh and joke around while working makes work less stressful. :)

It's so nice to be with O&B people because work becomes fun despite the many deadlines or the tight schedule.  Lunch or 7-11 breaks are full of laughter and they are constantly a source of in-jokes among us.  I miss being part of the lunch crowd actually and it's great that I could still be a part of the dinner or weekend group. :)

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