Thursday, April 26, 2007

Midnight madness at the O&B office :P

The nice thing about working in O&B is that we have time for work *and* play. :D  There are times when we have what we call movie nights, the times when we watch various movies or episodes of a show. Tonight was supposed to be a Heroes marathon but we were a bit late in finishing certain things.  So... We ended up chatting a bit, started looking at what our CTO was checking out and then Jo said something about a popular radio show.

The said radio show is not just popular. It's also quite controversial. In any case, we ended up doing a Google search. :P Peals of laughter were reverberating in the room. :P :P :P (Maybe it's because I was the one typing the keywords.)

I swear, after a long day of work, all sorts of topics just pop out. Really. It was some kind of bonding session hahaha.

Curious? Hmm. You'd just have to ask us about it offline. :P The only hint I will mention is that is has a remote connection to Easter. :P :P :P


Jenoosia said...

Is it a local radio show? Is it Mo Twister's radio show? Is it Howard Stern on satellite radio? Why does the desktop I'm using now still have Sir Owie's portable HDD plugged in and filled with Heroes episodes?

Clair Ching said...

Uh huh. It's a local radio show. Hehe. ;)

I think that Chelle and Jo forgot to unplug the portable HDD.


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