Friday, April 20, 2007

Declaration of war against unyielding templates

The interns and I have declared a war against unyielding templates.

Issues at hand:
1. Working on three-column layouts. Liquid. Rawr.  Not always easy.
2. Cleaning up some tags, etc.

Ok, here's the deal: not everyone of us is used to working with templates.

First and foremost, I think that we all should have a grasp of the concepts of the existing app we're working with and the templating system it is using.  All layout considerations are another matter, actually.  But if we have a grasp of what the app does, applying template changes shouldn't be _very_ problematic.

Also, another thing is that we all should understand that themes and templates must be usable elsewhere. For testing purposes, I find it not so difficult to let certain things slide: like using the complete path such as http://localhost/yourdirectory/yourapp/andsoon/andsoforth.  However, when you have to let others use that template or you're already going to put it on the server, it won't fly. Na-ah.  So it's best that you already change those things into relative paths as soon as possible.

We all have different learning styles and learning curves so I suppose it's time we nudge each other on how to approach template tweaking.

Oh yes, another thing about unyielding templates: more often than not, they seem to be unyielding because we can't seem to find much documentation on them. Rawr.  Though in the case of WordPress, there's a lot of resources. It's just that at this time, our files don't seem to sync, for some reason.

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