Friday, January 12, 2007

On the low employee turn-over

For some reason, JM and I ended up talking about employee turn-over rates yesterday.  Hehe. And to think that Sacha blogged that Orange and Bronze Software Labs has found the secret to the low turn-over rate haha.  Mutual blackmail, she mentioned. *laughs*  Mutual blackmail? What's that? *laughs*

Considering the pictures of what we do at work, at play and during parties (Haller, Ealden!), you could see that we work hard and play hard too.  We have several toys at work: plushies and stress balls. We also go to the roofdeck of the client's office and have yosi break/snack/whatever. Sometimes after work, there are also some people who enjoy playing WOW and DOTA.  There are also a lot of in jokes. *laughs*  Even the interns are immediately clued in. *laughs*  Strong corporate culture? Maybe.  I think that is one of the reasons why I got attracted to working in Orange and Bronze.

Anyhow, as JM and I were discussing yesterday, there are different things that make people stay in a company.  And if you see people staying in a company, there must be something great about working there.  Well, it's probably because of the other people as well ne? ;)  You tend to invest time and effort in people if you enjoy their company a lot.  You would see that there's a lot of different people in the company so how we all contribute to the company is interesting.  Synergy? Yeah :D

Interestingly enough, JM and I also thought of a new criteria for hiring new employees. *laughs*  But that's something that we'd probably discuss offline or in our team mailing list. Hehe.

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