Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Online spreadsheets, working with spreadsheets, version control

When you're working with spreadsheet apps and you want to see the differences, it is possible using Tortoise SVN on Windows.  But you must have MS Office. What about if you're on Linux? Haaaaaay.

Just a while back I got really sleepy and saw that I modified a file and I don't even know why I modified it.  Somehow I ended up modifying it but I know I already committed it when I finalized the data there.  In any case, I had to check that and the previous version.  Turns out that the previous version is the more correct one.

I still wish life was simpler: text files but allows us to view and manipulate them as spreadsheets.  And show us the diff between files.

There are different online spreadsheet apps already like Editgrid, Zohosheet, Google spreadsheet, etc.  But if we could probably have something like that on Trac, it would be quite convenient haha. And show the diff too! Oooh yeah :D That would be sooo awesome.

But I might be wishing too hard?

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