Monday, January 22, 2007

Of storyboards and presentations

So what does a software development company have to do with storyboards and presentations?

We realize that for us to be more effective our message across, we could use storyboards.  After all, one could use storyboards in figuring out cases, right?  Or potential scenarios.

In any case, I have been reading up on storyboards.

Each frame would be a 'scene' or a part of the story.  Probably an image or a set of images. Then a description of what should be there and probably a set of 'sentences' that could be used as segue into the next.

Each frame could contain as much detail, or maybe not.

Stories have a sequence.  I guess this is what I really have to keep in mind while creating this storyboard.  But it's a bit difficult in some ways because I need to take note of particular concepts that need to be discussed in each frame.

I suppose that this is similar to creating outlines.  But not quite.  In storyboards, there's the visual element that needs to be taken care of.

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