Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The art of diplomacy

There are people who practice the art of diplomacy naturally.

Watching "Ouran High School Host Club," I saw that one of the characters is a natural charmer.  He just does it unconsciously and sometimes I wonder if people are born with it or not.

There are times when you have to communicate with others and sometimes it could be difficult to get your point across.  Hmmm. Like how does one remind another of things that have already been settled and established without sounding too authoritative?  What if there are some things that you have to establish and finalize already?  How does one make sure that the time to be consumed for such an activity will not be excessive?  How does one negotiate?

Sometimes I envy naturally charming people.  They seem to be understood clearly and right away.  At the same time, they seem to receive favor from others especially when crunch time comes.

Then again, one could probably develop it over time through much interaction with others.

In any case, right now, one of the things I need to learn is to understand other people's meanings right away.  Sometimes it's all a matter of semantics.  It gets really messed up sometimes when people use words differently.  Maybe I could see it as a step towards learning about diplomacy?

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