Friday, November 24, 2006

Appreciating the boss, teammates

Everybody's been working hard these days.  There are deadlines to meet and everybody would have to work together, knowing and understanding the requirements and processes. Each of us has quirks when we are under such circumstances.  Sometimes people get really quiet.  Sometimes they get really hyper.  Sometimes people need a little bit of perking up.  These are the days that you just have to make ways so you could get along with others if you kinda feel bad.  And right now, I appreciate my teammates all the more.  They seem to be jolly even though we're already loaded.  They have a lot of laughs to share and they have time to listen to whatever each other has to say.

The boss is really awesome too =) He really appreciates each and everyone of us and we could feel it.  Despite the difficulty of some tasks, we'll manage.  We'll be fine =)

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