Friday, October 26, 2007

Meetings, meetings, meetings

One could have too many meetings.
Anyhow, here are some things I learned when it comes to meetings:
1. If you know you will have a steady set of meetings,  make sure you note with your client who are the people you will meet.
2. Try to balance the schedule.  Too many meetings will be too draining on everyone.
3. Not everything could be resolved immediately in a meeting.  Maybe you could have separate meetings.  An internal one for your team as well as those that will include those from the client's side. If they need to have an internal meeting, suggest it to them.  In any case, maybe you could stipulate that as one of the responsibilities of the client's project representatives.  After all, they might have to resolve some things among themselves.
4.  Give everyone a break from meetings whenever you can.  They might go insane and emotionally drained if they do it every single day or something like that for almost an entire month.
5. Make sure that the project steering committee realizes the importance of meetings and yet not be the only way to communicate with their side.

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