Monday, September 17, 2007

CVS shows me hatred again!

Once again, I am battling with using CVS.

(I swear, why do are some people not using SVN yet?! And to think people in the office are already moving towards Git... Anyway, I digress.)

Here's the scenario:

There's a CVS repository on the machine with Windows 2003 server. We use pserver to connect. I already used this on my Windows partition. I check out files and commit them via Tortoise.

Today, I decided to use Linux because I got ntlmaps and remembered what to change in the config file. I also installed CVS and Crossvc. I added my localfiles (it's on a FAT 32 partition) to the 'workbench' and they files are seen as versioned and unversioned. It looked good but I apparently could not commit my changes. I gave the right password but it says: "login failed" and on the command line it was "connection refused" -- sounds grand, huh? Well, I hate it. Is it because I am on Linux and using ntlmaps?

I thought this was the day that I'd stop using Windows here at the client's office. Just when I have no Windows tools dependent tasks, CVS throws me an equivalent of "I hate you!" Rawr.

PS: --> Check the section pserver!

The authentication is successful. The client proceeds with the cvs protocol itself.

The authentication fails. After sending this response, the server may close the connection. It is up to the server to decide whether to give this response, which is generic, or a more specific response using `E' and/or `error'.

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