Monday, September 17, 2007

Aha! CVS said I love you!

But I wasn't able to take a screenshot! Dagnabit~

Phooey. But I could probably re-create that moment by checking out a new copy into my local directory :P Maybe.

Anyhow, it works!

Things I did:
1. Create a password file, a .cvspass file.
Which is basically what the .cvspass file should look like. It should be the user's /home.

2. On the commandline, this is how I checked out my files from the CVS repo:
clair@kaylee:~$ cvs -d:pserver:clair:mypassword@ co modulename

やった! できました!

I wish I was able to save the links of those useful guides that led me to this path. And thanks to Dave (via Gtalk) and JM (via phonecall) who gave me some clues along the way too! :)

And here's a screenshot of Crossvc
Crossvc screenshot

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