Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The good thing about having an LIS background and working in software development…

is that some concepts about information are already familiar to me.

As a business analyst, I have to keep in mind the users of the system, the stakeholders as well.  In library and information science, that's one of the things that we have definitely kept in mind even in the very basic courses that we had.  I had a professor who always reminded us that users need information at the right cost, at the right time.  It was all about that. Why did we catalog the materials?  Why did we make indexes? Why did we make abstracts?  It was because we needed to give users the information that they need at the right time, at the right cost -- cost being amount of effort exerted and maybe even actual monetary amount, especially if you help them by giving them cheap resources or materials.

Analyzing a system or planning for a system would require that you understand your users and stakeholders. As one of the reading materials I recently got my hands on said: "What are the critical success factors? What is important to them?" and so on.  If you could take a look at the entire picture and yet also see how each department or each system (or subsystem) would interact, you'd actually be able to figure out something about them at the very least. Then you could begin unearthing other pertinent information that would be critical in defining business rules, entities, etc.

It's amazing, really.  To think that I almost thought I wouldn't have a chance at becoming an analyst after flunking out of Engg.

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