Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An Ubuntu user who is currently using Kubuntu

I broke something when I was tweaking something on Kubuntu.

Yes, I've been using Kubuntu but it's only because I have no copy of the Ubuntu installer.  The only iso I have with me is the Kubuntu installer.

Next time, I'd be making sure that I have Ubuntu, Edubuntu or Xubuntu.  I _prefer_ the Ubuntu apps and the look and feel over the ones in Kubuntu.

Things I immediately notice:
GNOME doesn't look too Windows-like.
There are less options in GNOME -- interface Nazis?  Whatever. I prefer it that way so there.
GNOME doesn't have bouncing icons by default. (I swear! This is something I have come to dislike...)
I've been using the apps bundled in Ubuntu even before the day I started using Ubuntu.  One of them is GAIM, another is GIMP.

In KDE...
I really have to disable a lot of things when it comes to the look and feel.  Bouncing icons for one. Mouse and keyboard shortcuts for another.
I don't like Kmail.
I think Amarok is one nifty app though.
There are interesting apps.  The KOffice project, for one.
I think I spend more time tweaking KDE. ACK!

What I still had to add/tweak anyway:
Wifi -- Broadcom... Annoying.  Thanks to JM, though, I am able to somehow use it.
Jude and Freemind - some tools we use.
Emacs. YESH! It's a must.
Firefox, VLC, GAIM, GIMP - Can't live without 'em ;)

I could rant and rave some more but I'd have to stop here.


ealden said...

GNOME rocks <3 </flamebait>

Clair Ching said...

Haha! Actually if you think about it, this post is a flamebait :P

ealden said...

Very much so :P


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