Friday, February 23, 2007

Printing handouts from OpenOffice Impress

I was never really an user.  However, we needed to print handouts for our training and I wasn't familiar with it at all.   I needed to "consult" with Mr. Google and it gave me a link to a guide to printing OOo Impress handouts.  The guide I saw was ok but not really that wonderful because it didn't have the facility to give me a three slide layout with lines for participants' notes.  I still had to draw lines.  The bad thing about manually drawing the lines on the layout is that each sheet with the handouts printed on them would have the same number of sets of lines.  Like, if by default each sheet would have three slides, there would be three sets of lines for writing notes.  See the dilemma?  I had to make sure that I considered the last sheet: How many slides would it end up having?  I then made a change in the template for the handouts of that particular presentation and saved it under a different filename.

Anyhow, I wasn't quite sure how to go about it and I wasn't too keen on Postscript. I printed the handouts as Postscript files.  Then I converted them to PDFs.  Using joinPDF, I was able to split the files into the pages I needed to combine from the 3-liner handouts and the 1-liner (or 2-liner, because there were two sets of notes with different number of slides) pages into PDFs I was able to print.

It's a rather long way of going about it but if you have shorter solutions, please let me know soon. :) It will be much appreciated.

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