Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Things you were taught in school but not really was thought of as very important

Here I am trying to review PERT-CPM and Gannt charts.  Gannt charts are a bit easier to create as you basically could make one even on just an overview level, without the detailed set of tasks just yet.  A somewhat general idea would be kind of ok already but when it comes to PERT-CPM, looks like a more detailed set of tasks will be better.

We were taught PERT-CPM in high school.  In college - well, the systems analysis and design class also had a brief discussion on it but it's really just brief. We didn't really have to submit one for class, just a Gannt chart.  That is why I never really experienced much in creating such things.  However, in coming up with a detailed project plan, this would be an important component so that both the client and the contractor would know how things will be.

Hmm. How many times have we said as students that we don't need so and so because we will not use it in 'real life'?  Well, lesson learned: though it is important to focus on particular things in school (especially those that teachers really really seem to want us to learn), we musn't totally forget the other things. Even those vaguely recalled lessons would help us later on in figuring out an approach to solve things at work.

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