Monday, February 05, 2007

Jargon - Ack!

First and foremost, I am not a developer.  I like tech stuff, I use Linux, I use Emacs, etc.  But it doesn't make me a developer automatically.  Somehow, I've encountered folks who seem to think that way and it's really weird.  Maybe I have a repressed programmer inside me, says Owie.  (Heh. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Or like Niki and Jessica Sanders of Heroes? XD)  But really, I am not.  That's why there are times when I encounter new terms, my mind blanks out even after reading some stuff about it on the intarweb.

I've been reading up on UML and inventory management.  Overwhelming. Totally.  Too many terms.  Also when it comes to object oriented design. Ack!

JM and I ended up talking about it over dinner one time.  Some concepts were still hazy in my mind at the time and he tried to give me examples which I could relate with a bit more.  He was successful but he could sense how frustrated I was about some of them.  He pointed out to me that each domain/field would have different vocabularies and as such, we'd encounter different ways words are used.

I am a librarian by training. Hmm. More like an information professional, in the late Dr. Josephine Sison's words.  I know what indexing is, same thing with cataloguing and abstracting.  I know about systems analysis and design but not the object oriented design stuff I've been reading these days.  I've been trying to look for material that would "speak to me" and I've been trying to try different approaches in learning.  I suppose I've become a bit successful at finding an approach to learning: go through the Why's first.  The concepts are easier for me to grasp when I know the reasons.  However, finding material that speaks in less technical terms is not always easy to find.  Some materials are really geared towards developers. Or people with a lot of experience in the field.

In any case, I am learning things everyday.

Who knows? My "Jessica" will suddenly show up and turn out to be such a leet Java or Ruby developer :p

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