Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Things I want to change on the Trac Wiki we are using

I am not satisfied with the way the default template of Trac Wiki works.

I want the following:
  • Name of the last person who edited a particular wiki page.
  • On the front page of the wiki, bottom part, a list of the recent 5 changes made. Format: (date) (name of the wiki page) : (comment on the recent change) - (name of user who edited the page).  Or, this could be done in every page of the wiki.  If this will be done in every page, just the latest change on that particular page, and maybe the recent changes page could be tweaked to have a similar format.  Comments are an important aspect.
  • Sorting per date, maybe?
I am particular about knowing what are the recent changes to each page and who made them.  It makes it easier to follow what is going on and it would also help us if we are to use Trac in documentation.
I have other things in mind for the way we view tickets on Trac but that is for another day.


Calen Martin D. Legaspi said...

Maybe you should file a ticket: http://trac.edgewall.org/newticket

Clair Ching said...

I'd try to figure it out first then maybe file a ticket or something :)


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