Monday, December 18, 2006

Work with passion

I love seeing people who work with so much passion. Even if they're working on seemingly small things, they give their best.

I recall a time when I was mainly assigned to format a certain set of documents. It wasn't really such a huge task. But it was tedious in so many ways. Also, it turns out that there were some things that didn't get saved the night I worked on another computer. Must be because of file permissions or something. I wasn't able to check because I was pretty tired already. But I saw how those formatting tasks were important especially once I saw the printouts of the docs. Wah! It was embarrassing to find that some of the exercises in the manual didn't have proper formatting. I wanted to have good manuals and those formatting errors passed by me... Oh noes indeed! :/

What I learned from that time is that no matter what tasks you have, you must give your best all the time. Even if it takes you longer than you expected, or longer than you like, just to complete the task, it's better than just going away without fixing things. Also, if you really like your job, you'd do these little things anyway, even without people asking you to do so. Why? Because you see how important it is and you also enjoy it in the process.

I have to admit though that there are times when the tedious little tasks seem boring but it's through those things that we gain experience. And a different perspective. I guess that's why I really like being with people who are passionate. Work wouldn't feel dreary with them around.

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