Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Google shows how visible I am

I got a message this afternoon that some of my friends have higher visibility on the 'Net. Well, I have never really claimed much when it comes to online popularity =)  I might have written several blogs (some of them really niche topics) and stuff like that but for people to link to me... Hmmm. I am quite an ordinary person who writes about tech-related thoughts.  Nothing like my really awesome tech geek friends.

But I still like the way I am easily searchable on Google -- to a certain degree of course.  It makes it easier for other people to know more about me -- what I write, what kinds of interaction I have had, etc.  But part of me doesn't like it either -- how much of me is distorted on the 'net, what are these traces that I leave?  Are those really traces of me?

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