Thursday, November 16, 2006

Analyzing processes and communication

There are so many things to consider.  However, right now we need to focus on particular details: the existing processes and the future (or desired or improved) processes.

Sometimes it would seem as though we have enough documentation.  Thing is, we can't just accept things at face value. (I tend to take things literally sometimes so this is something I really have to keep in mind.)  We have to keep on scrutinizing the different details there and getting into the heart of things.   If one does not keep asking questions, there could be too many assumptions and things could go wrong when we assume too much, ne?

When it comes to what the desired features or processes are, we have to check how everything fits in, especially if it will be something to be added to the existing system.  Would these features be the cause of too many changes that need to be done and in the end disrupt the entire system?  Are there ways to fit them in the existing system and maybe fine tune them?

It is necessary to open communication lines in order to make this possible.  If there are requests for documents or schedule of interviews to be made, we have to them.  We have to make sure that we are talking about the same things and in the beginning it could be very difficult because the users might be using particular terms that we don't use in the same way that they do.  It takes a while.  However, if we communicate often enough, we will be able to clear up a lot of things.

A team working on the same project should be able to understand the processes involved, the entire system.  At the very least, have a general idea about how everything works.  Then we have to share what we know and understand so that even if there is one person who is not available to do particular tasks (especially those that have to be resolved immediately), another could fill in.  An ideal situation?  Maybe so but it is possible if everyone will cooperate and communicate with one another :)

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