Thursday, July 09, 2009

FFC 2009: Breaking Your Instincts

FFC 2009: Breaking your Instincts

Breaking your Instincts: Common bad habits and how to fight them
by Rico Sta. Cruz

(There's demo of how to redesign a news site.)

• How convenience affects our work
∘ Don't just make lemonade from lemons :D

• Navigation
∘ usually we're given a site map given by other people
‣ don't just use that; it's not necessarily that, right?
∘ example: newspaper site
‣ maybe have a sidebar which has more links especially if it's something from 3 levels deep
• Search
∘ going with the status quo because of convenience?
∘ think first
∘ searching is not an auxiliary function anymore
• Advertisements
∘ intersperse advertisements with content
• Articles
∘ Headlines
‣ what goes after this?
‣ Dominant + Recessive = Sweet
‣ Importance of articles - could trigger a change in the layout. they don't have to have equal importance.
• primary
• secondary
• tertiary
‣ Excelitis - everything looks like a worksheet. eww.
• you could present table data in a different way
‣ Tendency to use lists
• Recap
∘ Don't just copy and paste
∘ From blog-like you could have a hierarchy
∘ etc.

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