Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Random things I am noting for using Selenium

Just started using Selenium and found out some things:
  • Use clickAtAndWait when testing for clicking the login button for logging in.
  • Don't use click when you need to verify contents on the page that's supposed to load after clicking. Use clickAndWait for that so that you could run the commands (whether it's assert or verify) after that.
  • verify would let the tests go on and log the errors, whereas assert would halt the test case if an error is encountered.
It is painful to try learning Selenium when you feel like you have a hangover even if you didn't even go out drinking. It must be heat exhaustion from the weekend as well as a fever that wouldn't seem to decide if it will happen or not. So yeah, drink Gatorade for that if you feel exhausted for some unknown reason.

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