Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wrist hurts :(

My wrist hurts periodically. And I get some tingling sensations on my hands every once in a while.  I've been borrowing a co-worker's wrist support as well as using Workrave to remind me to take breaks.  I am thinking that the position of my hands while I was working on another project made my wrists worse so I am now periodically experiencing weird pains.  Some months ago, I'd be consistently typing and drawing and I wasn't conscious of the position of my wrists. I knew that I felt 'ngalay' (I am not sure what the English word is) after a day of working.  Back when I was a full-time blogger, typing my blog posts and stuff didn't feel that way probably because the keyboard was lower and also, I was taking breaks a lot, from typing that is.

Any tips would be welcome. :)


Charo Nuguid said...

I do suggest you see a doctor as soon as possible. The pain may be a signal for something as simple as a strain or as bad as CTS. If possible, see a specialist.

Wrist support should be able to keep the wrist at a neutral position. If you are still able to move your wrist despite the support, then you might as well remove it. It's not effective.

Look up volar splints.

batman said...

your arms and hands are your bread winners so don't take them for granted. see a doctor immediately!

Calen Martin D. Legaspi said...

I think you should take a day or two off to rest your wrist and to see a doctor. Don't use a mouse while you're on leave! :-)

Would you like to borrow my trackball for a while? If you like it, I'll order one for you. Also, are you already using a full-sized keyboard or are you still using your laptop keyboard? There are a few extra keyboards at the office, and if we run out we can certainly get some more.

midicrux said...

Yes, it might just be CTS. Ben is always typing in front of a computer and one occasionally hears snaps on a near-numb wrist.

Keep well.


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