Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nintendo DS Nights...

Hey, lookie!  A Nintendo DS night will be held in Mag:net on October 16.

When: October 16 2007
Where: mag:net cafe Bonifacio High Street

We'll be there as early as 6 PM till the night fades into morning. SPIT will be performing on that evening too at 10:00 PM so it's going to be one big party! Apart from the usual retinue of games including Mario Kart, Brain Age and Elite Beat Agents, we will be showing off our AIR GUITAR SKILLZ with Jam Sessions for the Nintendo DS!</blockquote>

Taken from Jayvee's blog

Looks interesting and they're even going to lend you a DS if you don't have one ;) If you're interested, just go, go, go!

I do hope to check it out even if I probably won't stay til very late.  I hope that my schedule won't be so bad next week... *crosses fingers*  People don't just work, we need to play too!

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