Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fountain pens, oh, fountain pens!

At work, I don't really do much writing these days but I still keep a notebook handy anyway :)

And for that, I generally use only two things write with: a slim Pilot mechanical pencil or a fountain pen.

I like writing my work notes and my tasks using my fountain pens. :) I have Pilot Petit1 fountain pens that come in various colors like baby pink, cherry pink, violet and brown.  I could highlight particular words using them.  I could draw funky diagrams with them too.  Or if I am feeling blue, just having the colorful ink on my paper reminds me that things will get better.  Well, if all else fails, I'd doodle with them. Haha.

Fountain pens are also handy when you have to sign documents you are receiving, etc.  For that, my black-inked Inoxcrom fountain pen works fine.

Right now, I am sooo wanting the Pilot fountain pen that matches my mechanical pencil.

Like Tommy, writing down notes helps me learn things.  I guess it's because I remember things that I wrote better than the ones that I just read. Something like that. :) I even recall what the page looks like. Haha :D  Anyhow, I should sleep before I talk about more pens that I want!

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