Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why some people prefer working with flexi-hours and no dress code

If you want to work comfortably and work at your peak hours, the flexi-time and no dress code would be perfect.

I personally hate uniforms: I feel that they're too restrictive. And as for office wear - I don't care for those either unless I have to meet a client.  And I am not so formal even then.  I feel too stifled at the moment and I need to think hard and think well. Now I am letting myself be distracted by these thoughts so I could let them out already.

As for Flexitime - I've really come to appreciate flexitime all the more.  I swear, even though I am not totally averse to mornings, I am simply not working fine early in the mornings. Gah. At 10 am or 11am I am already fine but at 8am? NOOOOO! I don't think I ever was. Even in college I avoided those early morning classes. As much as possible my day started at 10am.  If I couldn't avoid it, I'd take the 8:30am classes but I hardly took 7am classes -- That was insane! Me? In school at 7am? Hah! That means no sleep at all!

Anyhow, my point is that sometimes people need to work comfortably in order to produce good quality output.

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