Monday, August 20, 2007

When work is hectic, I listen to K-pop and J-pop

I really just have a thing for listening to J-pop and K-pop when deadlines are near.

Nothing like upbeat music to keep me sane. Some people would code listening to rock music.  I can't do that when I am thinking. Well, not when deadlines are near.  But for relatively light workload, rock is ok.  I think that upbeat music has a psychological effect on me: lifts me up for some reason or another.

I guess K-pop is a good choice because even though it has lyrics, I can't really sing to the songs because I don't speak Korean. I could sing to some J-pop songs though :P  Anyhow, this is still a work-related post, IMHO ;) Just to make sure nobody gets weirded out to what I listen to or if I don't answer people's messages immediately. I have a renewed appreciation of Clazziquai right now so I'd be snapping my fingers or tapping on my table every once in a while.

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