Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adding a new team member is not always the solution but...

sometimes, it does help.

Evaluate your team's status every so often so that they would still be productive.  The reason why they're not fast enough is that there's too much work and they can't figure out how to manage things anymore. And the volume of work could get boring if there's too much.

Even juggling tasks among team members is ok. But if your analysts are the ones overwhelmed by the work, it might not be easy to juggle tasks as there's the learning time to consider.


That's why managers must be able to communicate with their team members regarding these things! Managers must listen and I mean it.  Listen even to the unspoken messages behind the questions and the statements.

Sometimes your analysts might be overworked already, especially junior analysts who seem to be pressured to give as much output as a senior one.

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