Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why I haven't switched to Drupal

It's because I simply want a functional blog that could handle static pages every so often.

For me, Drupal is an overwhelming thing.  And me having to learn Drupal at this point is going to be a pain. I'd rather use something else aside from Drupal and TextPattern if ever I do decide to stop using WordPress. Maybe I'd switch to a wiki actually.

I know there are many people out there who love Drupal.  Maybe in a similar manner that I love WordPress.  I know WordPress has its flaws.  There's quite a number of them that have surfaced in the recent months I've been using it.  However, I see no reason to change my CMS.  And it's not like I could actually change my CMS on the webspace I am using at the moment.  There's three of us using WordPress there but Charo's using Drupal -- been using it since 2005 (if I recall correctly). She's shown me what Drupal is like, what it could do, etc. but for a website which doesn't need a lot of its functionalities... I'd stick with WordPress.

(An aside: I think this is similar to why people don't use Emacs. Haha :P It's too much for them.  But Planner-El + Muse + Remember-El works for me and I haven't seen anything else quite like it so I am sticking with Emacs.  Unless I see another editor which could do something like it or Org Mode, I think I'd always be an Emacs girl.)

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