Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thoughts on building rapport with the team and sending out negative vibes

A team would come from different backgrounds.  Some of the members are developers, some are analysts, some are user interface designers, etc.  As such, they definitely have different perspectives.  Add to that their attitudes, etc.  It's a diverse group of people. A microcosm, perhaps?  Anyhow, it would be ideal if the rapport among team members be established early on.  It would be difficult to work with people you hardly talk with and that would affect how you coordinate.  Also, rapport would help in establishing team spirit.  Maybe that's why there are team building activities and all that blah.  Some people take it for granted.  In any case, trying to keep up with others and establishing good working relations with them is not an easy task.  Each one in the team must make the effort even though you don't really like each other a lot.  Then again, I think that if the members of the team have respect each other, even if they don't like each other, they'd manage somehow.

As for negative vibes, it's difficult to stop sending out negative vibes if you're not conscious about it. And even if you're trying to stop yourself from doing that and yet you see your leaders doing that, it's going to get to you in one way or another.  It gets all the more difficult to focus on the work you have... The work may not be that difficult but once you have negative vibes, it might weaken you already and it could be detrimental to your overall productivity.  Oh and it doesn't help if those on the client's side are also giving out strong negative vibes.  It would feel that you're just doing all these efforts then nothing would come out of it.  But that's reality.  Sometimes you end up getting caught in the middle of the client's mess (in terms of communication) and that's additional negativity.

Thinking happy and productive thoughts reaching towards the goal might be an ideal thing to do at the moment.  Hopefully it would make the days more tolerable because you're eye is on the end goal.

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