Thursday, July 05, 2007

Is there room for IEM in this Object-oriented world?

Already talked with some people about it, and they say, yes.
Right now, I think that people hold on to methods that they are used to because they are more efficient that way.  Not that the method is efficient in itself but what the heck.  That or I might be biased.
I say that there should be enough documentation to work on things and make decisions.  But too much documentation is a pain in the neck and too much in terms of budget.  You charge for planning and that planning would take half a year? What?! If the government would be like this, we really won't see any roads, any improvements at all.
Anyway, so two different perspectives trying to achieve the same goal which is to do software engineering the right way.  If only we could figure out if it is efficient indeed. IEM, I mean.

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