Monday, July 23, 2007

The Case of the Missing CVS admin file

I've been having dilemma with CVSNT yesterday.  We need to create new users and passwords to go with them.  However, I could not seem to add new users via cvs passwd -a <username> :(  This morning, my teammate and I were wondering what was wrong.  I asked Butch about it and he suggested that I create new users by adding them into the passwd file and just leave the password blank.  I did that and when I tried logging on as one of the users, CVS wasn't letting the user in. Aiya~! We have three new users with us so we definitely needed this done because we aim to teach them about using Tortoise CVS this afternoon.  This morning, I tried cvs passwd again and  I kept on getting the complaint that only administrators can change passwords.

So after a couple of Google searches, I ended up checking the admin file and guess what? It wasn't there! We have no idea as to why it wasn't there. I definitely didn't delete that file because I hardly touch those in CVS Root.  In any case, I made a new admin file and added my username and two others who also act as part-time CVS admins. After that I tested it by trying if cvs passwd would do the trick. It did! Yay! Now we have three new users and we could start teaching them about CVS later. :)

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