Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Form factor + Power = Lurve

Uh, I am talking about laptops here. ;)

Ealden showed me the link to the MacBook Pro site. I've seen Tito John's MacBook Pro and JM and I were drooling (not literally) over it. Waaah! It's sleek, I have to admit.

Well, I like my laptop. Kaylee's a nice machine. It's a Lenovo C300N100 and it's quite lightweight as it is.  But still heavy enough for me have a backpack to bring it around.

We're allowed to sound geeky. Hehe ;)

Conversation with Ealden:
(12:07:57 PHT) Ealden: yung sa sis ko maliit
(12:08:01 PHT) Ealden: 1.6kg?
(12:08:16 PHT) Clair: hmm. pwede na. less than 2kg
(12:08:51 PHT) Ealden: ayoko lang yung keyboard
(12:08:53 PHT) Ealden: is wider than normal
(12:09:00 PHT) Clair: anong laptop ng sis mo?
(12:09:07 PHT) Ealden: compaq bt something
(12:10:00 PHT) Clair: ah
(12:10:41 PHT) Clair: pero wala lang
(12:10:51 PHT) Clair: form factor plus power equals lurve
(12:10:58 PHT) Clair: sheesh. sounds so geek.
(12:11:08 PHT) Ealden: :P
(12:11:23 PHT) Ealden: we're allowed to sound like that ;)
(12:11:37 PHT) Clair: i don't necessarily want a mac. pero, alam mo yun. lightweight is the way ;)
(12:11:42 PHT) Clair: dual monitor na lang if ever :))

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