Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Converting to Ubuntu Linux Feisty from Windows Vista

One of the interns is now using Ubuntu Feisty! YAY!!!!

Marc was using Windows Vista, something that he got with his laptop.  However, he's been having hassles with file permissions and such.  He could not edit his files, he was having other troubles like the caching issue.  We were telling him to downgrade to XP but we didn't know anyone who had an installer (and if it's legal heh).  Anyway, we have an installer of Ubuntu Feisty here so we tried installing it. At first we had difficulties because the partition tool of the installer wasn't so newbie-friendly and it seemed that we will end up wiping out the partition instead of resizing it and freeing up some space.  After a while, we tried partitioning it with Gparted but it seemed to take forever.  Good thing that a Google search result showed that Vista had a partitioning tool.  After he freed up roughly 4 gigs, he installed Ubuntu Feisty.  And good thing it was the desktop installer so he was able to test if his wireless card could be detected. And it was! Wow! Amazing. I was envious because mine wasn't. Well, more like that the driver wasn't working right. *sigh*

We installed essentials like subversion, Rapid SVN, Geany, gstreamer plugins (Yes! Music is very important!), samba and a driver for his ATI graphics card (to fix his laptop's screen resolution).  And Frozen Bubble! Haha. Of course. We MUST have Frozen Bubble! ;)  (Note: See? I didn't install Emacs.  I think I'd be advocating the use of Geany for these interns.  It's seems more comfortable to use especially for those who were using Notepad++ and other similar editors.)   He seems happier about the change in OS, at least when it comes to work.  He wouldn't have to go through the pains of using Vista while at work.  He could play whatever games on Windows but while in the office, he could stick with Frozen Bubble to unwind. Hehe.

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Jo Eduardo said...

Vista has a very "secure" atmosphere.... take note of the air quotes haha my friend also has vista pre-installed. It is really irritating that even if he is the administrator the stupid vista still asks if he will permit the deletion of data or whatsoever given that he was already the one who pressed delete. anyway, marc just needs to set something and that thingy will be disabled. what my friend did was installed xp as well (so as not to bother him when doing something important). hehe he doesn't want to remove vista because he couldn't resist vista's sleek skin and screensavers. hehe


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