Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Contrary to popular belief I don't wreck Windows on the interns' laptops

There are five interns on my team.  2 of them are now using Ubuntu.

This morning Alvin walked up to me and asked me if he could borrow the Ubuntu installer.  I asked why and it seems that he had a problematic file in his system32 directory which he removed.  It was a suspicious file because its file name was seemingly just a bunch of random letters. Aside from that, there seems to be no signature as to where that app came from.  So he decided to move it from system32 to his desktop. He also mentioned the registry and then he was getting frustrated at making it work that's why he asked me for the Ubuntu Feisty installer.

His files were still intact. Whew.  But we couldn't resize the partition with Windows -- which was practically everything.  So borrowed an external harddrive and his co-intern's flashdrive so he could back up his files.

Now we're waiting for the essential tools to be downloaded and installed: Geany, Subversion, RapidSVN, gstreamer plugins and fillet-ng. :D

First it was Marc getting fed up with Vista. Now it's Alvin because he got frustrated with what happened to Windows XP.

Although I personally think that they might be better off dual-booting, it can't be helped at this time that Alvin would only have Linux. It's the only installer we have here. Hehe.


ealden said...

ITM 106 might get Alvin to change his mind.

Clair Ching said...

ITM 106?

ealden said...

Ateneo MIS lingo :)


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