Thursday, May 10, 2007

Checking out from the SVN repo using Git

From Owie: Instructions on using Git to check out from the SVN repo.

1. Make sure that git is installed. For Windows users you will need
to use Cgywin to run git. Also check Ealden's blog on some problems
encountered using git-svn in Cygwin and solutions to it.

2. Create a new directory where the project will be checked out.

3. Initialize the newly-created directory: git init-db

4. git-svn init [path of your SVN repo]

5. Fetch HEAD from SVN. Please take note that Git does not accept
'HEAD' - you will need to derive the exact revision that corresponds
to HEAD: git-svn fetch -r xxxx

6. git checkout master

Learning Git is kinda tough because of the different mindset in using it.

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ealden said...

This looks familiar :D


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