Wednesday, May 23, 2007

BNW. Must sleep soon. (Or how Clair installed the app on the server)

I got the login credentials for the website and right now, the app
installed but there are still some things that we need to change. For
one: the Google Maps API settings. Another is that the database
doesn't really have much in it, right now, except for the single
listing which is a test data.

The hosting service has its own control panel. It's not Cpanel.
There's SSH access so it was ok. I uploaded the tarball via FTP then I
tried to extract it but I kept failing to untar it. Rawr. So I tried
uploading ALL the files via FTP. Estimated time to FTP everything was
4hours plus. I was getting annoyed so I just tried to extract it
again. And voila~! The tarball was extracted. I might have had typos
when I tried to untar the file earlier.

Using the database manager and PHPMyAdmin on the host's server was
weird. Their database manager was weird... And PHPMyAdmin didn't quite
look like the PHPMyAdmin I've been used to. In any case, after the
confusion was clarified, I was able to give the proper database
settings to the Installer of the app. (Though the first attempt was
really bad enough for the database to be dropped.)

It's up already and we have to work on the changes early in the
morning. :) Hopefully things will continue to look pretty good.

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