Monday, March 12, 2007

Setting up an html as a WordPress theme

It's been a while since I've done that.  The thing is that I've got an html file containing the basic design to be used for a website.

It would have been easier if the layout is done in divs.  I think that the dilemma I have with having to deal with tables is that I might have to split some stuff.  Aside from that, I am not really fond of tables.  In any case, the attempt to 'div'-ify the layout is currently on-going;)

The layout is actually quite pretty.  And sleek.  I guess that it's really been quite a while since I've messed around with CSS so I am once again finding my way through the 'maze' as I 'dismantle' the tables in the layout.  Also, there are other factors involved, as I am going to apply this layout to a CMS.  Meaning, this layout will be the theme to be used all throughout.

Another factor: there are three main categories that need to be introduced so that means that the site structure will change. Hmmmm...  There is much to think about as there are potential dead links that will arise from this re-structuring.  The re-structuring will be for the best :)  So I'd just have to ask a couple of people for help in terms of what to do, how to deal with such changes.

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