Sunday, January 07, 2007

WordPress stuff, etc.

It's been a while since I tweaked the Orange and Bronze Software Labs website.  We are using WordPress on it as the CMS so that it's easier to update and all that.  The main design has been from a theme called Blix Redux by Headsetoptions.  I fiddled around with the template files and stylesheets.  The header image was made by my sister, based on the design of Edwin Lacap of Orange and Bronze Consulting.  Anyhow, Ealden and I have been talking about the site and what we could do to improve on it.  He has upgraded it to the newer version of WordPress and there is a plan to have svn for it so that when we get to collaborate on it, we could easily track the changes made, and stuff like that.  I looked at the WordPress Codex today and saw that they actually made a page on Site Maintenance.  It even has a calendar of sorts so you will be reminded to do some updates, check for upgrades and other admin tasks.

I'm looking at the calendar and I think it should be a good idea to follow it.   With added tweaks of course.  There are going to be differences in the way updates will be made, especially in terms of content.  For example, we have a category for opportunities so that would be something regularly updated.  Also, we have a page for trainings. Those content updates will also be dependent on what the company's plans are for the year.  So for those who are going to our site, just wait for updates ;) Subscribe to our feed :D

I am personally excited to start working on the updates on the site :)

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